As a web developer, I have benefited greatly from the world of open source software. It’s time to give something back. The goal of this website is to contribute back to the open source community in a variety of ways:

  • To publish notices and additional information regarding accepted contributions to other active projects
  • To publish patches to projects that others may find useful
  • To publish original open source apps, libraries, or snippets
  • To develop collaborative development tools
  • And to collaborate and improve the quality of the contributions listed above.

The first phase of this is to dig through my past work and start to clean up and publish useful items. Simultaneously, there will need to be an effort to turn the site itself into a tool to demonstrate and collaborate.

Based on how I’ve spent my time the past few years, the bulk of my output will be in PHP or javascript, much of which will be focused on WordPress. In the end, I hope to contribute something valuable to the vast community of web developers.