3d Cart’s Reward Redemption HTML Explained

3dcart is one of those services that isn’t really setup for a web developer who knows what they’re doing. While their online documentation provides some basic snippets and general assistance, the support staff have little-to-no technical knowledge. Besides assisting with tasks that can be found through the administrative interface, they seem only qualified enough to hand you off to their design department who will readily prepare a quote. Continue reading

Hide the WPMU DEV Nag Notice

Don’t get me started on WPMU DEV.

Many of their casual customers have one simple request: How can I stop their plugins from nagging me to install their update plugin? I was in the middle of writing up the minimal code to hide this warning into a plugin when I found an equivalent already published to the WordPress plugin directory under the name “Remove WPMU Notification Plugin Nag”.

For those who are curious, the actual functional bit is this minimal line of code:

  1. class WPMUDEV_Update_Notifications {}

It works by defining an empty class where WPMU’s updater would normally go. The nag code is hidden, since it thinks the update plugin is installed. Of course, none of the functionality is really there.


To Do: Collaborative Tools

Some initial ideas of how to turn this blog into a collaborative development tool.

  • Github widgets: Listing, Issue tracking, push requests
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • JSFiddle, pastebin, etc.

Has anyone seen tools that attempt any of this?


As a web developer, I have benefited greatly from the world of open source software. It’s time to give something back. The goal of this website is to contribute back to the open source community in a variety of ways:

  • To publish notices and additional information regarding accepted contributions to other active projects
  • To publish patches to projects that others may find useful
  • To publish original open source apps, libraries, or snippets
  • To develop collaborative development tools
  • And to collaborate and improve the quality of the contributions listed above.

The first phase of this is to dig through my past work and start to clean up and publish useful items. Simultaneously, there will need to be an effort to turn the site itself into a tool to demonstrate and collaborate.

Based on how I’ve spent my time the past few years, the bulk of my output will be in PHP or javascript, much of which will be focused on WordPress. In the end, I hope to contribute something valuable to the vast community of web developers.